EM Sign
Wall Box

This reliable and contemporary LED exit sign is compliant with EU and ISO standards. It features an screen printed polycarbonate legend and high output LEDs, encased in a durable epoxy coated steel housing with a simple white finish. With a range of variants and options, this emergency sign can be tailored to complement any emergency lighting scheme.

  • Maintained operation
  • 15 x high intensity LEDs for bright, even illumination of legend panels
  • Screen printed opal polycarbonate legend panel conforms to requirements of EU signs directive
  • Supplied with arrow down legend (EU)
  • ISO signage also available
  • DALI / self-test version available


Rated Duration (hours)

  • 3

Recharge Time (hours)

  • 24

Typical Life (hours)

  • 50,000

Model Ref

  • LXS005


  • Description
  • DALI / self-test emergency
  • Arrow left legend panel (EU)
  • Arrow right legend panel (EU)
  • Arrow up legend panel (EU)
  • Arrow up legend panel (ISO)
  • Arrow down legend panel (ISO)
  • Arrow right legend panel (ISO)
  • Arrow left legend panel (ISO)
  • Code
  • /EMD
  • LXSL
  • LXSR