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Supply and install

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Supply and install service

If you are looking for a single solution provider for lighting design, supply and installation, then we are able to deliver a hassle-free experience from concept to completion. Our engineers and NICEIC qualified partners can provide a professional and reliable lighting install & commissioning service across the UK.


Planned lighting maintenance

If you are wanting to include a planned maintenance site visit, then we are happy to discuss a package that is tailored to your needs. Our engineers and NICEIC qualified partners can provide lighting audits, cleaning, re-positioning, emergency testing, lumen depreciation checks and commissioning services across the UK.


Making the numbers work without compromising on quality

Low energy lighting installations and upgrades can not only reduce carbon emissions and increase a room’s appeal, they can also provide significant cost savings. This can however sometimes promote a false economy by thinking “cheaper is better” when, in our experience, it’s quality and efficacy that provides the best ROI.

By understanding your lighting requirements and usage we are able to provide cost of ownership calculations, energy saving comparisons and ROI or payback projections. Our finance team and business partners are also available to provide guidance on financial support / grants and navigating around HMRC tax incentives such as the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.