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Return renew reuse

New LightSaver service

Bringing old luminaires back from the dark side

Electronic components make up a tiny fraction of most luminaires but when they reach the end of their life and need to be sent for recycling, vast quantities of other precious components and materials are being discarded, or at best recycled, along with them. Gamma has now set up a new workshop dedicated to salvaging, refurbishing and reusing old luminaires as demand for this type of service rapidly increases. 

Luminaires can be fully refurbished in our workshop, converting them from CFL, HID, halogen or even obsolete LED technology, or we can supply a kit of parts that can be installed on site, saving time, energy and costs.

We firmly believe that this Return, Renew and Reuse approach to lighting can make a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions, whilst providing practical, efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions, both now and in the future.