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Getting the best solution for fresh food

Lighting fresh food can be a complex task due to the different requirements of each food type. At Gamma we understand the importance of high colour rendering and colour temperature when it comes to food retail and have included various options on many of our luminaires.

We partner with world class component manufacturers, such as Philips, Tridonic and Xicato to deliver exceptional lighting solutions. We then select the most appropriate module by considering lumen output, colour rendering, colour consistency and colour temperature for each application to ensure individual colours are rich and striking so displays will appear bright and engaging, enticing customers to explore and interact with them.

We focus on understanding your retail environment and your aspirations. We then deliver a tailored solution by taking your specific requirements and turning them into viable, good quality luminaires to enhance displays and create a fresh and enticing look.

When illuminating food we use LED modules which are designed specifically for this purpose. This ensures that white elements stay white and colours appear more vibrant yet natural. Here are some examples of how our lighting partners tune the modules to create desirable displays:



Philips Fortimo LED SLM WarmWhite creates a warm colour impression that makes fresh food, such as fruit, vegetables and bread, look highly attractive.

Whilst Food Premium Red has been developed with a tuned colour spectrum that enhances red and simultaneously displays white in a clear and fresh way. It creates a punchy contrast between the two colours, enhancing the appearance of fresh meat.



For baked goods and cheese:

Gold – The brown shades let bread and pastries appear crispy

Gold+ – The brown shades appear crisper. Colour shades are stronger as Gold.

For meat products:

Meat+ – The red tones of the meat and sausages are noticeably stronger.

Fresh meat – A presentation of fresh and juicy meats and sausages is guaranteed. White elements remain white.

For fresh fish and seafood:

Fish – Very cold light accentuates the freshness of fish and seafood.



The Artist Series® provides exceptional colour rendering and produces excellent natural looking results which are virtually indistinguishable from halogen. Especially good for saturated colour and skin tones and ideal for retail applications.

We work closely with our customers to ensure we the most appropriate light source is specified for the application, call us to discuss your requirements.