News / Spotlight on Joshua Adams Menswear

Gamma illuminates award-winning menswear retailer’s new flagship store

Award-winning Cleckheaton-based independent retailer Joshua Adams Menswear recently relocated to a new 4000 sq ft two-storey flagship store at the heart of their home town. The store is divided into sales and suit hire departments and Gamma’s Lingo LTS, Boston GTS and Fame ABB luminaires were chosen to provide display lighting throughout.

The store was designed to have a relatively dark ambience with the merchandise being picked out by bright display lighting.
High colour rendering is key to make the products really stand out and all the luminaires feature Philips Premium White Ra90 modules, with a colour temperature of 3000 K to give a warm, welcoming light.
All luminaires feature matching 40° multi-faceted reflectors for uniform performance and the bodies are finished in RAL 9005 Jet Black (matt) to tie in with the black ceiling.

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