News / Building Regs Part Z and Gamma

Part Z is a proposed amendment to the Building Regulations, put forward by the construction industry to limit the amount of carbon emissions generated throughout the process of manufacturing materials, transporting them to site and constructing a building.

The fact that the industry, rather than the government, is leading the way with this proposal demonstrates how seriously businesses, such as Gamma, view the need to tackle climate change. Although Part Z has not yet been adopted into the Building Regulations, Gamma is committed to the principles behind it.

Some of the ways we are achieving these goals include:

  • using locally sourced components wherever possible
  • designing products that allow easy disassembly for refurbishment and remanufacture to prevent unnecessary disposal or recycling
  • working closely with technology suppliers to ensure our products benefit from constantly improving efficiencies
  • remanufacturing old luminaires through our LightSaver return, renew and reuse service
  • 3D printing components in-house to minimise waste and energy usage


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