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Casambi Bluetooth Wireless Network

Available as an option on our luminaires, Casambi is state-of-the-art professional wireless lighting control system.

It is designed to bring all the benefits of a DALI wired system, such as digital dimming, communication and scene-setting, without the need for any additional wiring, controlled via wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, sensors and switches.

The luminaires communicate with each other, creating a wireless mesh network in the ceiling, allowing group or individual control and dimming of your luminaires.

Because the system can be retro-fitted, it opens up a wealth of scene-setting and independent dimming options for existing lighting schemes, without the need for re-wiring.



Smart lighting systems are simple to install and luminaires are set up and controlled by an easy-to-use smartphone or tablet app. The system allows for sensors and wall-mounted wireless switches to be added, if required.



Luminaires can be programmed and scheduled via the app, either individually or as groups, to create lighting scenes specific to the application. Scenes can be static or dynamic and can include suitable tunable white and colour changing luminaires.



Luminaires can be programmed or dimmed via the app, either individually or as groups, to optimise energy efficiency and save costs.



Luminaires communicate with each other via standard Bluetooth wireless technology without the need for additional components.



Settings created on the app are saved securely to the cloud, allowing the user to access them on any Wi-Fi / internet enabled device.



Because each luminaire operates as both a transmitter and receiver, rather than being operated via a central hub, making connections and communication between them extremely reliable.



Lighting schemes are future proofed and can be updated or expanded and software kept up to date with ease.


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