News / What is LG7?

LG7 stands for Lighting Guide 7: Lighting an office environment

It is issued by the Society of Light and Lighting and at its core it discusses design options for electric lighting including lighting for specific purposes and the importance of combining direct and indirect illumination. The guide also considers daylight, how it can be controlled and also linked to electrical lighting in order to limit glare and reflections.

LG7 is a useful resource for consultants, it gives advice on best practice and demonstrates that by using all kinds of light that an office space can be lit well and be compliant with LG7.

Although it is important to recognise that there is no such thing as an LG7 luminaire, at Gamma we feel it is our responsibility to help lighting designers meet LG7 compliance as well as visually appealing schemes. It is therefore important for us to take the time to discuss and understand how the space is intended to be used so that we can work together to create desirable as well as compliant environments.