Case study / St Vincent de Paul’s Church

St Vincent de Paul’s Church

Let there be light – Gamma delivers flexible Bluetooth SIG mesh solution for London church

St Vincent de Paul’s Church is in the Parish of Osterley, part of the Diocese of Westminster and was founded in 1934 with the new church being completed in 2004.

The Lighting Designer at Arup suggested that the church may benefit from energy savings by upgrading the lighting in the hall and church to LED so Gamma carried out a cost benefit analysis, based on the hours of use. It was also recommended that they replace the old control system to allow for increased flexibility with scene settings for different uses of the space.

The church was keen to bear the circular economy in mind with this refurbishment so Gamma was asked if it would be possible to upcycle their existing halogen uplighters by replacing the light source with LED. There were two sizes of uplighter on site, the smaller consuming 150 W and the larger 500 W. It was felt that the 500 W fittings had been too bright with 10,000 lm output so this was reduced by half with DLM ES modules, which consume 84% less energy than the old halogen lamps. The smaller uplighters were also converted to DLM ES and now consume 88% less energy. With a rated life of over 50,000 hours, 25 times that of the halogen lamps, maintenance costs were also dramatically reduced.

Mains low voltage halogen gimbals and track spotlights were replaced with Gyro gimbals and Lingo track spotlights, both providing 2500 llm and featuring Xicato Intelligent Drivers (XID) and Xicato Controls with Bluetooth mesh technology.

In addition to the church, Gamma also upgraded the lighting in the church hall with DC track, 2000 llm Jingo track spotlights with XID, as well as high output LED tape.