Case study / Planet Organic

Planet Organic

Gamma Illumination provides a natural-feeling light for organic products retailer

Planet Organic has been a one-stop shop for organic groceries and beauty products since 1995 and, with the demand for sustainable and ethically produced goods rising rapidly, they recently opened a new store and cafe in Queens Park, London.

Gamma Illumination was tasked with supplying a lighting scheme to provide a natural feeling light that complements the large amount of natural light in the building. Ambient lighting is provided by track-mounted Proflux linears with displays being highlighted by Lingo track spotlights. Xicato Artist Series modules were used for their excellent colour rendering and quality of light to ensure the eye is drawn to products in the brightly lit environment. The lighting scheme also features DALI dimming to maximise efficiency and allow the creation of programmed scenes for a variety of mood scenarios.