New 130 mm IP65 sealed bezel

High quality protection, minimal visual impact

To cater for applications where functionality must not come at the expense of aesthetics, we have created a ø130 mm IP65 bezel that provides proven protection against dust and water ingress without compromising the interior design.

This new accessory is a great choice for environments such as bathrooms, wet rooms, food preparation areas and under-canopy locations. It features a polycarbonate lens and a moulded U shaped cyclone gasket and can be used with any Great White® downlight.

Independently tested in the UK, it is guaranteed to provide total protection against dust and safeguard luminaires against the ingress of water from any direction.

IP65 protection is now available across a wide range of our downlights. For more information, browse our Secure and Sealed range online. Alternatively, call us on +44 (0)1924 482777 to discuss your requirements.