Crowne Plaza hotel, Leeds

Combining visual appeal and flexible functionality

Project Focus | Crowne Plaza Hotel, Leeds
Luminaires | Great White TTS, Sysion MF, Lingo LTS

Project requirements

The Crowne Plaza hotel on Wellington Street in Leeds enjoys an excellent city centre location and includes a full Spa, leisure and event facilities.  The Roundhay suite, which caters for most of the Crowne Plaza’s events and functions, is an area that could be divided into three separate rooms in order to host small to large scale events.  However the lighting hadn’t been designed to offer the same flexibility and so they asked Gamma to help.

The lighting requirements were therefore determined by the size and multi-functional nature of the area.  Further to a site visit and consultation with the Hotel Manager, the following objectives were established:

• Replace the old traditional fittings with modern and energy efficient luminaires.
• Create ambient and general lighting that can be dimmed to suit the various types of events.
• Offer flexibility and control over the lighting system when the Roundhay suite is hosting multiple functions.

Project solutions

Gamma developed the complete project lighting solution for the Roundhay suite, from concept to completion.  The existing compact fluorescent luminaires were replaced with a range of energy efficient LED alternatives that offered a coherent lighting scheme with flexible, yet easy to use, controls.

For general lighting the 195 mm Sysion MF was chosen.  Powered by a complete Philips system for optimised performance, the 1900 lumen output and DALI dimming capability, make it an ideal choice for multi-use areas in hospitality and leisure applications.

Another dimension was added to the perimeter of the area by using the smaller, yet matching, 130 mm Great White TTS downlights which complemented the lighting scheme by creating a pleasant wall wash effect on the perimeter walls.

In the centre of each of the three areas, three-circuit Global Trac from Nordic Aluminium and Gamma’s Lingo track spotlights were strategically placed to provide accent lighting where required.  Again, featuring an optimised system from Philips, 1153 lumen output and medium beam reflector, Lingo LTS is a highly efficient track spotlight boasting an impressive system efficacy of 93 llm/W.  In addition, the three circuit system enabled the areas to be controlled individually, allowing for greater flexibility when the areas were partitioned.

To keep the style consistent and aesthetically pleasing, this family of luminaires feature the same multi-faceted reflector, adding sparkle in the ceiling, and the downlights incorporate twist and lock bezels, which helps future proof the scheme as they allow accessories to be interchanged with ease.

Each luminaire provided 3000 K colour temperature for a welcoming and uniform feel.

Discreet stand-alone ILEM emergency lighting was also installed throughout, with single point connection to the fittings for ease of installation.

In order to give the hotel greater flexibility and control over the lighting, a DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) system was installed.  Its dimmable functions allowed the set-up of user friendly pre-set scenes so that the staff can adjust the light levels in each area independently or together at the touch of a button.


Project results

Gamma has achieved a cohesive lighting scheme in the Roundhay suite by combining visual appeal with flexible functionality.  Matt Byram, Hotel Manager commented:  “DALI’s dimming and control features match our requirements perfectly.  The lighting in each section of the room can be controlled independently when the partition walls are up or adjusted all together as one – which not only gives us flexibility but also reduces the energy usage significantly.”