Malmaison hotels

Gamma combines elegance with low maintenance

Project  | Malmaison Hotels
Location  | Liverpool and Leeds
Client | Lyco Direct Ltd
Luminaires  | TTX, TTS, ILEM

Project requirements

Malmaison was formed in 1994 and named after the Chateau de Malmaison on the outskirts of Paris and the group operates 12 very chic boutique hotels in the UK.  Lyco Direct Ltd is a premier supplier of a range of lighting solutions and recommended Gamma Illumination as its lighting partner on the refurbishment projects at the Malmaison hotels in Liverpool and Leeds.

A site visit by Gamma Illumination was arranged to both hotels, on behalf of Lyco, to determine their respective lighting requirements.

It was established that the Malmaison in Liverpool was using the highly inefficient 100W incandescent light fittings in the lobby which were proving costly to maintain as the lamps had to be replaced on a regular basis.  This was also highly inconvenient as the area had to be closed and a cherry picker hired each time a lamp needed replacing.  The challenge was to find an alternative product that matched the 100W light output whilst offering a much longer life.  Liverpool also required an LED emergency lighting solution.

Both sites required the lighting to reflect the individuality and design-led elegance of the hotels’ interior.

Project solutions

For Liverpool, Gamma suggested the 2700K TTX LED downlight with a 40° reflector and Xicato module inside.  This fitting provided 1000 lumens and great colour consistency, thanks to its 1x2 step MacAdam ellipse.  In addition, the output current on the driver could be switched to 50% in order to increase efficacy, whilst mains dimming offered further flexibility, particularly when only minimum lux levels were required in the reception area through the night.  The emergency lighting requirements were addressed through installing Gamma’s stand-alone ILEM with single point connection to the fitting. The TTX is a great improvement with regards to aesthetics, energy consumption and maintenance costs from the previous incandescent lighting scheme.

However, when the existing light fittings were removed, there was an issue with the size of the holes left in the ceiling and they were too big to accommodate the new TTX fittings.  Gamma’s design team were called upon to develop a solution.  A corkscrew shaped halo was designed so that it could be inserted into the ceiling to cover the gap around each light, in order to eliminate the need for unsightly screws.  The halos were supplied in the same white finish as the bezels for a unified look.

For Malmaison Leeds, Gamma put forward the TTS LED downlight with Philips Fortimo SLM inside.  The fitting provided 1000 lumens, excellent DLOR of 92% and a colour temperature of 3000K.  It was also fitted with mains dimming capability and a twist and lock bezel to allow for a wide range of interchangeable accessories in order to easily apply a different finish should they so with. 
The new lighting scheme created an inviting environment, and blended seamlessly with the architectural design of the majestic lobby, adding a touch of glamour thanks to its multi-faceted reflector.

Project results

Both hotels were delighted with the results which equated to increased energy savings, a much longer life, reduced maintenance costs as well as increased flexibility.

Chris Mutch, Maintenance Manager at Malmaison hotel in Liverpool commented:  “Gamma’s LED luminaires have resulted in an energy efficient, hassle free low maintenance lighting solution for us.  Furthermore, the hotel’s super stylish décor is now seductively lit and has an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.”