3 Hardman Square

Gamma uses light to dramatic effect

Project  | Hardman Square
Location  | Manchester
Client | WF Senate
Luminaires  | GTS, Sysion MF, ILEM

Project requirements

3 Hardman Square is a prestigious office development designed by Lord Norman Foster in the heart of Manchester’s new financial district, Spinningfields.  Johnson Controls manages the real estate in terms of the building’s energy efficiency and operational performance, so when the transit areas on each of its eight floors were in need of refurbishment, Johnson Controls approached WF Senate with regard to lighting.  WF Senate is part of the Rexel Group, a global leader in the distribution of electrical supplies and services.

Gamma has worked with WF Senate on numerous lighting projects in the past and was proud to be commissioned yet again to design a lighting scheme tailored to this large commercial application.  In response to visits to the site and working in partnership with WF Senate, the following requirements were established:-

1. To design a lighting scheme that took into account the high ceilings, natural light available and was LG3 compliant.
2. To provide a dramatic illumination of the signage in the reception area whilst creating a welcoming feel.
3. To devise a lighting solution that would eliminate the existing scalloping on the walls in the lift lobbies.

Project solutions

The large double height entrance foyer and reception area featured a dramatic floor to ceiling signage wall in a red high gloss finish.  The 2.75m high metal tile suspended ceiling combined with vast expanses of glass around the open space allowed plenty of natural light to flow in. 

Gamma capitalised on the natural light sources and high ceilings to dramatic effect by placing high-end professional Sysion MF LED downlights directly above the signage. Thanks to its 3000 lumen Philips Fortimo DLM module, it was powerful enough to provide the light levels required and take advantage of the reflective glossy surface to bounce off the light.  The luminaires’ multi-faceted reflectors added to the Reception’s smart décor whilst the 3000K colour temperature provided a welcoming feel to the sleek and modern setting.

In the lift lobbies, Gamma suggested using the powerful 2000 lumen GTS LED gimbal to replace the existing 2x18W CFL downlights and eliminate the unwelcome scalloping on the walls.  The GTS incorporated the Philips Fortimo SLM module and provided an excellent efficacy of 98% to aid Part L compliance.  Gamma added a fully etched IP54 glass accessory to the GTS in order to diffuse the light and create a pleasing wall wash effect against the white walls.  In addition, its relatively shallow bezel would provide enough clearance given some of the fittings’ proximity to the ceiling-high fire doors.  The 4000K colour temperature was selected to give the effect of a cooler ambience and a cleaner sharper appearance.

As both luminaires are part of the same family in terms of reflectors and aesthetics, they brought continuity to the whole lighting scheme which was applied to all floors. 

Gamma’s ILEM LED emergency lights were also fitted to provide a discreet and compact emergency lighting solution that blended perfectly into the white ceiling.

The new LED fittings in the scheme are virtually maintenance free thanks to their 50,000 hour life (L70), ideal in a high ceiling application like 3 Hardman Square. This combined with the increased efficiency would continue to provide cost savings over the life of the fittings.

Project results

The strategic combination of natural and artificial light created a bright and stimulating environment as well as providing an energy efficient lighting solution.  As Mark Adams, Facilities and Maintenance Account Manager at WF Senate commented:  “We are very pleased with the result as Gamma’s lighting scheme fitted perfectly with our client’s aesthetic requirements as well as energy efficiency targets.”

There is a further requirement to tackle the external canopy in due course, and Gamma looks forward to giving its full support and expertise to WF Senate and Johnson Controls to achieve a lighting solution for this application.

Images reproduced by kind permission of Müller International, Asset Managers of 3 Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester.