Greggs the Bakery

Gamma helps Greggs entice customers

Project requirements
The concept for the new Greggs the Bakery outlets was to offer customers the range and personal service of a traditional local baker’s shop within a truly modern setting.   Achieving the correct ambience through the interior design and lighting would be crucial to its success.

In terms of lighting there were a number of requirements that had to be addressed:

1.  Selecting the right light output, colour quality and colour temperature, so that the required ambience was achieved

2.  Specifying energy efficient luminaires, to help Greggs achieve its energy efficiency targets

3.  The reduction of maintenance programmes and on-going maintenance costs

4.  Create interest in the ceiling by adding extra sparkle 


Project solutions
Gamma Illumination has been Greggs’ lighting partner for many years, working on numerous new store and refurbishment projects, including Greggs moment coffee shops and Greggs Food on the Go (FOTG) outlets.  Gamma’s flexible approach to design and manufacturing has resulted in its ability to provide a lighting solution tailored to each concept and has meant that it was an easy decision for Greggs to use Gamma once again for the Local Bakery stores.

Taking into account the food retail application on this project, Gamma’s proposal for the new Local Bakery shops included the 2700K TTX-RF which is powered by the Xicato XSM LED module.  Chosen for its warm colour temperature and excellent colour consistency (1 x 2 steps MacAdam Ellipse), the TTX-RF features:

•  A highly efficient reflector with a DLOR of 94%
•  1300 lumen output
•  Life of 50,000 hours (L70), keeping maintenance costs to a minimum
•  A round faceted reflector providing a stylish look and added sparkle.

To complement the TTX-RF fittings and provide the flexibility to direct light on to specific displays, Gamma suggested using the GTX-RF which was supplied to the same specification and white finish as the TTX-RF.

The pièce de résistance are the vibrant red pendants.  Initially, these were from an alternative supplier and incorporated the inefficient incandescent lamp.  However, after discussing alternative solutions with Gamma, Greggs commissioned it to design and manufacture a bespoke LED pendant for use in the future roll out of the Local Bakery outlets.  The new pendants have an efficacy of 83lm/tcW, are maintenance free over their long life and meet the energy targets of the rest of the LED scheme applied, whilst the 3000K colour temperature adds to the overall warm and welcoming feel.  As well as being used as a focal point over retail displays, the pendants have also become an integral part of Greggs’ the Bakery store branding.


Project results
In terms of maintenance and energy efficiency, the TTX-RF, GTX-RF and bespoke LED pendants rose to the challenge.  They not only provided an energy efficient lighting solution, they also enabled Greggs to eliminate luminaire maintenance costs over its eight year refurbishment programme.

Gamma’s tailored lighting solution has brought to life the mouth-watering displays of freshly baked loaves, rolls and pastries, making it impossible for the customers to resist!  In addition, the luminaires have helped to create an inviting atmosphere whilst conveying the contemporary feel of the new store format.

Steve Norman, Shopfitting Programme Manager at Greggs, commented:  “Gamma Illumination has once again provided an exceptional level of support and service in this new venture.  We are delighted with the result of the new Greggs the Bakery format and look forward to rolling the concept out over the next 12 months.”

With Greggs’ busy schedule of opening 100 new stores and refurbishing 300 existing stores over the next 12 months, Greggs knows it can rely on Gamma’s support through this ambitious store development programme and ensure that deadlines and budgets are met.