DoubleTree by Hilton

Gamma shows off Hilton's high-end interior design

Project requirements:
As an established lighting partner with JWK Electrical Ltd, it was only natural that Gamma was put forward as the preferred lighting supplier for the refurbishment of two DoubleTree by Hilton hotels, one in the West End and the other in Victoria, London.

Gamma had previously worked with other Hilton hotels and so the owner of these was familiar with the high quality of products and exceptional level of service provided by Gamma.

Following a number of meetings and visits to each hotel, it was established that:

The West End was to undergo a significant refurbishment program, taking in no fewer than 29 locations within the hotel. This would require Gamma to work to a strict schedule ensuring all fittings were delivered accurately and on time.

Prior to the refurbishment, the lack of lighting control meant it was difficult to change the ambience, this was most apparent in the multi-use rooms where there was a need to change the lighting for increased flexibility.

As with all projects, it was essential that the lighting scheme was sympathetic to the interior décor yet met the lighting needs of the individual rooms.

Project solutions
In order to achieve the project objectives Gamma had to be very methodical in its approach. A plan and lighting delivery schedule was created so that everyone involved worked to the same programme and all products were delivered to the right location, on time. The lighting requirements for each area were carefully considered and aligned to its function.

The lounge and bar area in the West End was a place to relax and unwind and so lighting was chosen to create a cosy feel. This was achieved by using the adjustable Syncro FE LED display lights in single and twin versions. The 3000K colour temperature, 40° beam, sleek piano black finish and its dimming capability enabled the hotel to select light levels depending on the time of day.

In order to maximise the energy savings and controllability within in the banqueting suite, the high performance, 2000 lumen output, the Recessed SS LED square downlight was selected to replace the twin 26W and 42W CFL fittings. Its highly specular reflector provided an exceptional DLOR of 96% and a system efficacy of 78lm/tcW. As well as the energy saving benefits, the Recessed SS and other LEDs specified on this project allow for further savings as no lamp changes or maintenance programmes are required over their 50,000 hour life (L70). 

For greater flexibility across individual areas, DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) was used, allowing the light to be controlled from a central building management system.

The hotel’s corporate suite which included boardrooms, business centre and meeting rooms, required a functional luminaire that also conveyed the hotel’s luxurious signature. Gamma’s dimmable FHF 244mm square muti-power CFL downlight, with a stylish diamond faceted reflector and drop glass accessory, added a touch of understated elegance.

The reception and conference room were fitted with 1000 lumen, 3000K colour temperature and 40° reflector TTX LED downlights. Selected for its excellent colour consistency - thanks to its Xicato XSM LED module, the TTX came complete with dimming and emergency options. In the reception area, the TTX complemented the visual appeal created by a magnificent decorative lighting feature which took centre stage.

To keep the style consistent throughout, the fitness centre, connecting lobbies, corridors and toilet facilities had dimmable FJJ Topaz 176 CFL downlights installed. Featuring a diamond faceted reflector, twist & lock bezel system incorporating a centre etched drop glass accessory, multi-power and emergency options, the FJJ is an adaptable downlight ideal for these types of applications.

Whilst the refurbishment project at Victoria was of a smaller scale, it still benefited from
a similar lighting scheme with the addition of the 2000 lumen Sysion RF LED downlight, powered by the Philips Fortimo DLM module. The Sysion RF was chosen as the round faceted sparkle effect reflector created interest in the ceiling.

Discreet emergency lighting was provided by Gamma’s ILEM fitting and installed in strategic areas to provide 100% light output within 2 seconds and lasts for 3 hours.

Project results
The contemporary refurbishment of the two Hilton hotels brought them in line with the high specifications required by the brand. The lighting within the hotels now provides a flexible and adaptable solution which fits well with the high standards of interior design.

Yacine Kerkour, Assistant Maintenance Manager at DoubleTree by Hilton, West End commented:  ”We are delighted with the results, Gamma’s stylish luminaires sit harmoniously with the high-end décor whilst the functionality and control features match our requirements and reflect the high standards of the DoubleTree by Hilton brand. In addition to supplying quality products, Gamma went the extra mile by providing us with a handbook that included all the datasheets, installation guides and photometric data for each product along with the location of each fitting. This not only helped with the installation, it will also prove to be a valuable reference source in the future."

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